About Us

A Grass Roots Project dedicated to bringing awareness to and funding for the PROTECTION & SAFETY of Special Needs Kids in Schools with CAMERAS!!! AND NOW…, THE BATTLE HAS BEEN WON WHEN SB 507 BECAME LAW on JUNE 19TH,2015!!!

When my son came home with blood on his bottom, a broken thumb, a knot on his head, and a dislocated knee, all of which happened at school, no one could explain how any of it happened. I asked the school to put video cameras in to do what my son couldn’t do…, SPEAK for himself nor tell me who hurt him. In 2015 SB507 became law! Hallelujah! Then some schools have ignored parents request for cameras and ignored the Law all together. Recently, (I know personally), School Administration has lost video footage. This CAN NOT happen. Those cameras are the ONLY trustworthy voice for non-verbal students in school.

Therefore, Not On Lil’ T’s Watch has commissioned Mr. Paul Colbert to correct and strengthen the Law SB507. Tampering with public record is a felony. Abuse of Special Needs Children in Schools is also a Felony. Though that is true…, we want to prevent the abuse in the first place! Videos prevent bank robberies. Surely, it can prevent or report the guilt or innocence of school officials with abuse of children that can’t defend themselves or tell what’s added insult to their already injured minds and/or bodies.

It’s about humanity and decency for our most vulnerable citizens of the United States of America!